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#1 Wed Jun 28 22:43

Admin / Developer
Name: Ryo Ninja
Voc: Royal Paladin
Level: 187
City: Rathleton
Guild: Golden Five of the Savages
Seen: Jul 18 2017, 16:11:26 CEST
Registered: Fri Jun 23
Posts: 42

Up & Running


All of our members (except fake accs, duplicates and inactive) are now accessible here. Username is the same as before and your stats is preserved just like it was at 28.06.2017, even your avatars. Content will appear pretty soon, and there will be changes with the design also, it might look a bit weird right now but the engine of the site is all done and stable running. Meaning you can start using this new site right away.

Will enable some more stuff tomorrow or so, some media parsers for images and file uploading.

Message me on Discord, WhatsApp or ingame for your new passwords.

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